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New releases of tree ripened Hawkesbury olives are been made and are available from the cellar door at Tizzana Winery.

Tizzana olives are guaranteed not to be cured with harsh chemicals (such as caustic soda), or artificially coloured. They are ripened naturally on the tree, harvested by hand and fermented slowly in brine until the bitter components of the olive are extracted. They are then washed and combined with sweet basil and a hint of garlic and emersed in a light brine and olive oil when bottled in our commercial kitchen.

Currently available are the larger, fleshy Manzanillo type and the smaller varieties from our Paragon, Arecuzzo, Lecqure and Dr Fiaschi trees.

Olives are a perfect accompaniment to Willowbrae Chevre cheese or an added lift to salads on these hot days.

Olive recipes:

Duck Casserole with Olives
Pan Fried Chicken Breasts with Tomato and Olives


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